CORE PRO products are designed specifically for the application in which they are intended.  INTELLI-CORE Structural Composite Panels used in the walls, floor and roof provide incredible strength, industry leading thermal efficiency and result in the lightest trailers on the market. They are easy to clean, maintain and will not rot, mold, or mildew.  Advanced electrical systems are protected from the environment and allow you to control your trailer from the ease of your phone.  Bright, smart, and easy to maintain work spaces increase productivity and with customizable options, any design is possible.

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Panel Construction

The INTELLI-CORE panel construction method utilizes CNC-cut structural panels bonded to each other.  This high-precision fit delivers continuous structure of incredible strength and consistency while creating a dust-free work environment.  

Lightweight & Waterproof

CORE PRO trailers are lighter, allowing for a wide range of GVW ratings with usable payloads.  The same construction that makes it lightweight makes it waterproof as well.  Feel free to literally pressure wash the interior without fear of rot, mold, or decay.

Seamless Insulation

CORE PRO trailers have a completely insulated wall, floor, and ceiling system. Continuous panels (no studs) greatly reduce thermal loss in the wall. R-9 walls, R-11 floor and a R-15 ceiling keeps you warm when it is cool, and cool when it is hot.

CORE PRO trailers and truck bodies are durable and lightweight.

Aluminum Frame

The CORE PRO frame consists of high-strength and corrosion-resistant aluminum. The exceptional frame stiffness is the result of oversized aluminum tubes bonded to the structural panel floor. This creates a one-piece structure that is much stiffer in bending and torsion than a traditional plywood floor screwed to a frame. This means less flex, less fatigue, and longer life.

Non-Skid Floor

The INTELLI-CORE panel used to make your floor has a textured surface that is non-skid whether it is wet or dry. It is also easy to clean, just take a pressure washer to it if needed. The interior is waterproof, so have at it. Also, with a R-11 insulation rating, your feet will stay comfortable and dry in all weather conditions.

PVC Cabinetry

All of our cabinetry is custom designed in house and then cut on a CNC router to give you a perfect fit. We use PVC board to build our cabinets which is a waterproof product that is lighter weight than wood and will not warp, rot, mold, or mildew.


Control at your Fingertips

CORE PRO leads the way in technology on all fronts. Connect to your CORE through your smartphone to operate the lights remotely or from the safety of your vehicle.

Interior Lighting

Surround yourself with 360 degrees of LED lighting that eliminates shadowing. The interior lighting has a standard dimmer control so you can dial in just the right amount of light for your conditions and control power draw from your battery. Bright task lighting over the work bench is separately switchable. The diffuser lens provides a very upscale look and offers service access to the lights and harness.

Exterior Lighting

Light up the night with full perimeter LED lighting around the exterior of your trailer. These standard lights allow you to easily see and easily be seen. Some models include dual roof mounted beacons with optional perimeter wall flashers. 

Customizable Workspace

With an extensive options list, we can configure your CORE PRO to your specific working environment. We offer furniture options including pedestal mount boat seats, wall mount sofas, jack knife sofas, trifold sofas, and dinette and bunk bed combos to satisfy any need. Add to that our options for stereos, TVs, cooking appliances, multimedia centers, awnings, countertops, access doors, air conditioning, and electric or propane heaters, and you can be set up for your custom workspace.

Dual Pane Windows

CORE PRO uses dual-pane RV style windows with a dark tint to keep out the sun. These windows are insulated for efficiency and built for the rigors of the road. This window system is complete with a shade, a screen, and tilt-out features for maximum convenience. 

Automotive Style Wire Harness

Trailer wiring may be the number one quality issue in the industry today. We solve this problem by utilizing a full production wire harness similar to what is found in your car. Our harnesses are built to a fully detailed wire schematic so you know where every inch of wire goes.  Servicing is simple as all wires are accessible and never buried in a wall.


A fiber splicing trailer with solar panels on top.

Helmet Holder

3 inch Storage Bin

Also available in 4 inch

Zip Tie Holder

Extensions sold seperately

Phone or Tablet Holder

Drill Holster

Trash Can

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