EV 7011FS Specs

  • Overall Length                   204”
  • Overall Height (w/ AC)     118”
  • Overall Width                    102”
  • Ground Clearance             16”
  • Interior Height                80.5”
  • Interior Width               80.25”
  • Interior Length         139.125”
  • Base Weight               2574lbs
  • GVWR                           3850lbs

EV 7015FT Specs

  • Overall Length                   252”
  • Overall Height (w/ AC)     118”
  • Overall Width                    102”
  • Ground Clearance             16”
  • Interior Height                80.5”
  • Interior Width               80.25”
  • Interior Length         187.125”
  • Base Weight               2765lbs
  • GVWR                           6300lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Up to 3x usable runtime vs. lead acid batteries at ½ the weight
  • Lithium batteries cost about 40% as much as lead acid in total delivered energy over the lifetime.
  • Generators are loud, require maintenance, consume fuel, etc. and may not be allowed everywhere.

Yes, the industrial batteries in the CORE are internally heated and will work in cold temperatures.

It depends on the temperature, sun, etc. The superior insulation in the CORE PRO enables the 10kW-hr system to run for your whole workday in most cases.

Electric heat will typically offer a 30°F temperature rise for 12-24 hours. In extreme applications a fuel-burning heater would allow over a week of runtime.

  • Solar adds to runtime. The standard 200W panels can add 5-10% depending on sun. More importantly, they keep the battery topped off when not in use.
  • Larger solar arrays are available and can have a significant runtime benefit.
  • On a 30A/120VAC outlet, the 10kW-hr battery will take 4-5 hours to charge
  • On a 15A/120VAC  outlet, the 10kW-hr battery will take 8-10 hours.

None. Long term storage should be done at 50% state of charge.

  • It is much less likely than gasoline to be the cause of a fire.
  • The LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) chemistry is considered much safer than many other types of batteries. No combustible gases are released.

No. The battery system is low voltage DC.

With proper use up to 10 years and 2,000 cycles is expected versus ~200-400 for lead acid. The best practice is to avoid using them below 10%.

Higher Quality



100% composite panel construction is extremely lightweight, strong, durable, dent-resistant, and waterproof.



The best insulated trailers on the market allow for quick and easy heat up or cool down for maximum comfort with minimal power needs.



High frame ground clearance.  Torsion suspension. Wiring is protected inside the trailer and not exposed under the frame.

Standard Features

INTELLI-CORE Structural Composite Floor, Walls, and Roof

30 Amp Shore Power Connection w/ 45 Amp Converter

High Efficiency, Low Profile Roof Mount A.C. Unit

Full Perimeter LED Work Lighting Inside and Out

Task Lighting over Work Bench

Storage Cabinets, Tool Chests, and Matte Black Countertops

Electric Brakes and Aluminum Wheels

And LOTS More!!!


Perimeter Sidewall Strobes

Front/Rear Traffic Advisors

Storage and Cabinetry Solutions

Side Entry and Cable Doors

Rear Stabilizer Jacks

Front Mount Storage Rack

Cone Storage Mount

110V Outlets and 12V Power Ports

Dual Battery Kits


And More, Just Ask 

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